Romantic Relationships

  • I Like Someone

    So you like someone! You think they’re cute and funny, and want to get to know them better. With so many emotions and so many people around you with opinions, it can be hard to think clearly about what to do with your feelings. Liking someone can seem complicated. Teen advice websites often try to give us signs and tips to show if someone likes you back. The only way you will know for sure, though, is by talking to them about it directly!

    Talking to your friends or their friends about your feelings and being indirect might seem easier, such as giving flirty signs. However, telling someone how you feel upfront is the mature and more successful way to know if they feel the same way. After all, the worst thing that can happen is they don’t like you in that way! While that might be upsetting, it can be nice to know sooner rather than later so you can move on to someone else!

    Probably not foolproof, but these can be some good signs!

  • Dating Someone Older

    It’s common that teens want to date older people. They often seem more mature and appealing than girls or guys your own age- they might be able to drive or drink which might seem cool and adult to you. When you’re out of your teenage years, dating someone 5 years older is likely not a problem. But in your teens, 5 years can be a big difference in maturity! While sometimes dating older people might not be a problem, it can lead to pressure to do things you might not be ready for, especially pressures to have sex. Depending how much older your boy or girlfriend is, there might be more serious issues, like age of consent laws. Read up here on what it’s like to date someone older and what some issues might be.

  • Healthy Relationships

    You may have someone you’re involved with romantically, maybe they’re “officially” your boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s important that your relationship is healthy with the person you’re dating and that you trust and support each other. Follow these links for tips on what makes a healthy relationship and how to be a good boyfriend or girlfriend.

    Take this quiz to see if your relationship is based on love and respect: Is My Relationship Healthy Quiz -Love is Respect

    Think you have what it takes to be in a healthy and caring relationship? Play one of these games to see how you would handle some tricky situations in a relationship.

    What if your relationship isn’t healthy?

    As you can read about in this section, healthy romantic relationships, as well as friendships, are based on love, support, trust, and respect, among other things. If a relationship becomes based on power, control, and jealousy, it might take on an unhealthy form that may make you upset and confused.

    If a relationship is unhealthy, you may want to consider ending it. This may be difficult. Check out our Breaking Up section for tips on how to break up with someone.

    Having trouble creating and maintaining healthy relationships regularly, romantic or otherwise? Consider this support group offered through the Rockland Council on Alcohol & Other Drug Dependence:

    Creating Healthy Relationships: meets once a month 7-8:30pm at Nanuet Pavillon, 25 Smith Street Suite 101, Nanuet, NY.

    Call Debbie at 845-596-4879 for dates.

    Abuse and Dating Violence

    Abuse in a relationship is serious and can be physical, emotional, or sexual. Read more about what abuse is, how to identify it, and how to get help here:

    For more on abuse, is a great website with other resources and advice articles.

    If a break-up is refused and you feel scared or threatened by your boyfriend or girlfriend, it is important to get help. Speak with your parents or school counselor for help on how to get out of this situation. You can also call the Center for Safety and Change 24-hour hotline at 845-634-3344.

    Sometimes people hope that their abusive partner will change. They may acknowledge what they’re doing and promise to be better. Abusers can change, but it takes a lot of work. Take this quiz to see the progress that an abusive partner might be making and what changes are important. Can Abusers Change -Love is respect. Remember, though, if you feel unsafe it is better to seek help rather than try to change your partner. You can also call the Center for Safety and Change 24-hour hotline at 845-634-3344.

    You can also go here, or call their hotline if your relationship becomes abusive and violent and you need help:

    Center for Safety and Change

    • 9 Johnstons Lane Main Walk-in Center New City, NY 10956, (845) 634-3391
    • 24-hour hotline - (845) 634-3344
    • To learn about dating violence and receive help and counseling

    • Advocates can help you figure out your situation and lead you to resources you need
    • Hotline- 1-866-331-9474
    • Text love is to 22522
  • Breaking up

    Maybe your relationship just isn’t making you feel happy or satisfied anymore. It is important to respect your boyfriend or girlfriend even though you’re ending your relationship; this is someone you clearly cared about. Here are tips on how to break up with someone in the kindest way you can.

    Even if you're the one who did the breaking up, it can be upsetting. Someone who was once a large part of your life no longer is. It is okay to be upset.

    Here are some tips and advice on how to cope with a breakup and come out stronger than before.