So You Think You're Pregnant?

  • So You Think You're Pregnant?

    If your period is late and you’ve had sex recently, especially if it was unprotected or had a chance of being unprotected, you may be pregnant.

    Firstly don’t panic- there are many reasons your period could be late that are not pregnancy. For example, stress (such as stressing out about whether you are pregnant!) could mess with your hormone levels and cause your period to be late. Changing eating or exercise habits, or fluctuating weight can also be a cause.

    For more information on your menstrual cycle see Managing Your Health and Healthcare.

  • About Pregnancy Tests

    If your period is late however, it is important to take a pregnancy test as soon as the first day of your missed period. This is important so that if you are pregnant, you can start receiving care and making healthy decisions as soon as possible! You can buy home pregnancy tests at almost any drug store and most simply involve peeing on the test, or peeing in a cup and putting the stick in it. Each brand will have directions that come with it. (picture of test). This can be nerve-wracking, so it might be best to have a friend or family member around for support!

    Most pregnancy tests are relatively accurate if used correctly. However, even if a test says you are not pregnant, there is a chance you might be. If there is a serious reason to believe that you are pregnant- take more pregnancy tests over the next couple days, or call your doctor who can do a blood test.

    For more information about pregnancy tests- Pregnancy Tests If the test indicates that you are pregnant call your doctor right away so you can start to receive care.