Not Sure You're Ready for a Baby?

  • Adoption

    Having and raising a child is a lifelong commitment and a lot of work. If you don’t think you’re ready emotionally, mentally, physically, or financially, you should consider other options. Consider counseling through Planned Parenthood or other organizations who can speak with you about options such as abortion and giving your baby up for adoption.


    If you want to carry your baby but aren’t sure you’re ready to raise a child yet, you may want to consider giving your baby up for adoption. Locations such as Planned Parenthood, CareNet and Birthright can help you find the resources to do so. (See resource list)

    Here are some helpful articles to help you make a decision in having your baby adopted

  • Abortion

    Planned Parenthood in Spring Valley can provide pre- and post- abortion care and referrals to safe abortions. It important to take this decision seriously and speak honestly with yourself, your parents, counselors, and/or healthcare providers. In New York State, you do not need to have your parents involved in order to consider or pursue an abortion.

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