Planning for Your Career

  • Internships

    An internship is a type of job where you work as a trainee. Internships are done for several reasons such as to explore different types of careers, gain hands-on experience in a career of interest, or to determine if a particular job is right for you.

    Typically, internships last a few months, such as over summer or winter breaks. They can be paid or unpaid. Internships are most often done by high school seniors looking to explore career paths and college students or recent graduates who want to gain experience.

    How to Find an Internship

    Start by asking around- your parents, neighbors, and family friends. Ask them if their company hires interns. Word of mouth about internship programs can be extremely helpful!

    Ask your guidance counselor or guidance office if they have listings for internships or have heard of any. They can also help you continue your search.

    Search online. This can be accomplished by googling the type of internship you are looking for and where.There are many reliable resources that list possible internship opportunities.

    Search for companies, businesses, or other organizations that you might be interested in and give them a call. Even if they don't have an official posting of an internship, they may be willing and able to create one for you if you reach out!

    Check out our Teen Programs section for similar opportunities.

  • Teen Programs in Rockland

    There are various programs available in Rockland to help you begin your career development even before you are looking for a job. Check out some of these programs that you can apply to.

    Rockland BOCES Career & Technical Education

    Programs for 11th and 12th-grade students to gain experience and technical skills in a career field of interest. Program occurs during the school day with your home school arranging transport to West Nyack location.

    Speak with your guidance counselor how to sign up.

    Fields include:

    • Automotive Technology
    • Communications- digital design & marketing, tv/video production
    • Construction trades- carpentry, electrical, plumbing, welding, fabrication
    • Cosmetology
    • Criminal Justice
    • Culinary Arts
    • Medical Careers- Nursing

    More information- and Rockland BOCES Career & Technical Education Program Guide

    Teen Leadership Rockland

    For high school sophomores, to develop leadership skills and connect you with leaders in the community.

    Learn more here and how to apply:

    Check out other programs offered by 4-H (Cornell Cooperative Extension) here, including a program for students interested in animals and/or becoming a veterinarian.

    Also check out programs offered by the Rockland County Youth Bureau. These programs are mainly summer opportunities, such as the Rockland Conservation & Service Corps, a program in which you can do environmental community service for pay!

  • Choosing a Career

    “What do you want to be when you grow up?” When you were asked this in elementary school, it was a fun and exciting question with so many possibilities. Now as you’re in high school and approaching college, the question may seem just too real. Even though it might be overwhelming, choosing a career is exciting. As you get older and your interests narrow, you will start to see what is more interesting to you.

    Use these different career tests and quizzes on the U.S. Department of Labor website to find out what kind of career your skills might match! Assess Yourself -US Department of Labor

    Have some ideas what type of career you might be interested in. Look it up in the Occupational Outlook Handbook -Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Simply type careers in the search box on the top right, or browse through the different groups.

    When you come to a career page, the Handbook will give you a summary of that career including what they do, the schooling and training needed to become one, pay, and similar jobs.

  • Fear of Failing

    It’s natural to be fearful of taking a wrong step. Almost everyone, especially the most successful people, have faced setbacks in pursuing their career- jobs they didn’t get or people who told them they weren’t good enough.

    The most important thing in overcoming a fear of failure in pursuing your career is having perseverance and not letting a fear of a setback stop you from reaching for your goals.

    Perseverance- “steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.”

    Below are some articles that can help and encourage you to pursue your dreams even if you are scared!

  • Interviewing

    For any job you apply to, you will likely have at least one interview. Interviews help employers learn more about you including your character, poise, and interest in the company. Interviews are also a valuable experience for you to learn about the company. Interviews can make or break your job application so it is important to do the best you can! Read here for tips on how to act and dress and to find out what interviewers are looking for.

  • Starting Your Own Business

    Maybe you’re bored with your current job, need some extra cash, or already have an awesome idea that you think would be successful. Starting your own business, whether it be just mowing lawns or a larger movement, can be exciting and successful. Starting your own business can also be called entrepreneurship. Teens can make great entrepreneurs because they often have great ideas and the passion to move a business forward! However, starting a business can also be risky, especially if you, your parents, or your friends or investing money into you starting it. Read up the links below on how to manage a business of your own. Also check out our money management section!

    Check out the other links in this section as well!

    Online course from the government on the basics of creating and financing a business.

  • How to Get Out of a Career You No Longer Like

    Maybe you pursued a certain career through your studies and internships but now you are no longer interested in it. It is not as hard to switch paths as you might think. It is especially easy because you are young (although adults can switch careers too!) and you likely have skills from your original career path that will lend you to another one. Read up here how to successfully pursue another path.