So You're Going to Be a Father?

  • Getting someone pregnant is a big deal, you as a teen father need guidance too. It’s important for you to also browse the links throughout the Teen Pregnancy section so you will know what to expect throughout the pregnancy and what is important in having a healthy baby. This is your baby too, not just your partners because she has to carry it. You’ll be expected to provide it with love and support, including financial support. Here are some resources so you know what your rights and responsibilities are as a teen father.

    Men, Babies and the Law

    You and your partner should work through this together. Here are some tips on how to understand your role in decisions about what to do about the pregnancy. Also check out our teen parenthood section.

    Here are tips on how to be a supportive partner:

    Resources to help you be a good father

    For more help and resources after you’ve had your baby see our Teen Parenthood section