Peer Pressure

  • Peer Pressure

    As you grow up, friendships also become complicated because drugs, alcohol, and sex get involved. Your friends might become interested in these risky behaviors and peer pressure you into doing them. It’s okay to not want to do what your friends are doing- especially if it’s dangerous, scary, or doesn’t seem fun to you.

    Peer pressure is not always bad, though! Sometimes, your friends can peer pressure you to do something good, such as exercise, study, or to resist risky behaviors. This kind of peer pressure is called positive peer pressure and can encourage you to make better choices!

    Consider using the S.T.O.P. strategy as a way to resist peer pressure to smoke, drink, or do something risky.

    • S- Say no firmly
    • T- Think about it
    • O- Offer other ideas
    • P- Promptly leave

    Here are other tips for resisting negative peer pressure, meaning peer pressure to do something that is risky or that you don’t want to do, such as sex, drinking, or stealing.