• Bullying

    Do you dread going to school or going online because of what people say about you? Whether it is to your face, through a screen, or behind your back, bullying is hurtful. If you’re being bullied, YOU are not the problem- the person who is bullying you is the problem and likely has their own issues that they are dealing with through hurting others. There are ways to get through bullying and stop it.

    If you are being bullied, make sure you tell your parents, teachers, or school counselors, especially if you are thinking of harming yourself or others. You can also try one of these counseling services in Rockland if you need to talk about it. Read more here about what bullying is, including cyber-bullying, and how you can try to stop it.

    A bystander is someone who watches a situation going on, such as an act of bullying. An active bystander is someone who speaks up when they see something wrong or see someone being hurt. Read more on how to help out others who are being bullied and do the right thing.

    Are you the bully? How to recognize it and stop. Do You Bully?

  • The New York State Dignity for All Students Act

    The New York State Dignity for All Students Act

    This law protects you against bullying and discrimination due to sexual orientation or gender, as well as race, sex, color, weight, ethnic group, national origin, disability, religious practice, or religion in New York State schools.

    If you feel like you are facing bullying or discrimination in school due to one of these characteristics and who you are, you have the right to report the events to your counselor or principal. Your school will then be required to help resolve the issue.

    Read more here: The Dignity for All Students Act: What Does It Mean for New York State Students?