Money Manangement

Money Managment

  • Part of growing up is learning how to be smart about your money! It is important to budget your spending and if you are making your own money, how to manage it. Here are some tips, tools, and resources.

    A useful guide including tips on:

    • Understanding and managing loans for college and cars
    • Avoiding mistakes when opening a credit card
    • Managing debt
    • Building credit
    • Saving money
    • Opening a bank account
    • Avoiding fraud, scams, and theft

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  • Some banks offer special teen programs so that you can transition into managing money for yourself with the help of your parents and the bank. Talk to your parents about opening one of these accounts if possible.

    Wells Fargo has an account called a Teen Checking Account that allows you to open a debit card with your parents help. If you are a teen 13-17, your parent or other adult can sign as a co-owner, allowing them to view the account and help you manage it.

    Opening an account also lets you to start to develop a relationship with a bank, which can be beneficial as you move into adulthood.

    For more information on Teen accounts and to make an appointment with Wells Fargo in Haverstraw: