Computer Skills

  • Computer Skills

    Sure, you know how to use Instagram and Twitter. However, there are some computer skills that are important for college and the workplace that you might not be aware of, as well as some tricks that might make your life easier online.

  • Typing

    Did you know that there is actually a correct way to type? Even if you don’t use this method all the time, learning the basics of proper typing can help you type quickly and more accurately. These skills are important for school, work, and getting assignments done quicker.

    Try these lessons, tests, and games on typing technique:

  • Microsoft Office

    Microsoft office includes different Microsoft products that have different uses. The ones that you are probably most familiar with are Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. Word is used for typing “regular” documents, such as essays, papers, or outlines; Powerpoint is used to make presentation slides such as the ones teachers use in class; Excel is used to make spreadsheets and is commonly used to organize numbers or other data in a chart.

    Learn the basics of computer and internet skills that are important in the workplace as well as Microsoft programs through the variety of online lessons provided here: Microsoft Digital Literacy

  • Email

    When you get to college or a job, email is an easy and popular way to communicate. Check out this guide about email: Email 101 -GCF

    Even if you know basics such as how to send and receive emails, this guide may be helpful in knowing what is appropriate email etiquette and how to manage your email, as well as an email connected calendar, in more professional situations.

  • Online Searching

    While you know how to easily Google something online, a few tips and tricks might make your searches more effective.

    Check out this infographic with searching tips as well as general computer tricks How To Use Google Search More Effectively -Mashable

    If you are looking for sources and research for school, you might want to consider using Google Scholar which will only bring up research papers and other sources that are appropriate to use.

  • Shortcuts

    Computer shortcuts are combinations of keys you can press on your keyboard to perform an action that would have otherwise required you to use your mouse are make more movements. Knowing various useful shortcuts is a way to quickly continue your work without fumbling around!

    Read some useful shortcuts here. These articles are for Windows, but many are also applicable on Macs/Apple products using the Command key instead of Ctrl.

    At the bottom of this page, find tips and shortcuts for all different operating systems and applications