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    The Dream Project was developed in order to prevent teenage pregnancy in Rockland county and specifically, Haverstraw. The zip code 10927 has the highest teen pregnancy rate in Rockland County and has huge disparities in race and ethnicity, with Hispanics and African-Americans disproportionally affected by teen pregnancy. Teen pregnancy has consequences for mother, father, and baby, physically and emotionally.

    Babies born to teen mothers are more likely to be low birthweight and have various health risks. Teen mothers are less likely to finish high school and obtain a college degree. Teen fathers are also less likely to complete school or obtain their GED. Haverstraw’s teen pregnancy problem needed a plan of action in order to keep our children and future children healthy and successful. 



    Rockland overall

    Teen Pregnancy Rate

    (Per 1,000)



    Tee Birth Rate

     (Per 1,000)



    Source: NYS County/ZIP Code Perinatal Data Profile, 2010-2012.

    The Haverstraw Collaborative worked in conjunction with Haverstraw teens to develop the DREAM Project, which stands for Dare to Reach Your Expectations and More. While a goal of the project is to prevent teen pregnancy, the approach is broad, promoting all types of healthy lifestyle choices such as making long term goals and being able to achieve them, being healthy, and succeeding in school and careers. It is of hope that by promoting reaching for your dreams, this will encourage healthy choices and avoidance of risky behaviors in order to achieve these goals.

    The DREAM Project is to be used as an informational guide. We seek to provide reputable and scientific information about all topics and issues and to be unbiased. Education is the greatest thing to provide to children to help them learn all their options and make smart decisions.

    The DREAM Project doesn’t have to stop online. Speak with your teens about the information you see on this site. Teens consistently say that parents- not peers, partners, or popular culture- most influence their decisions about relationships and sex. While some of these topics may make you uncomfortable, it is important to have these conversations in order to guide your teen to a bright future. Remember- even if your child is resistant to any conversations you might try to have about sex or other topics, it’s important to keep talking. Your child is likely listening even if they don’t appear to be.

    Here are 8 Tips for Talking to Your Teen -The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy about sex and teen pregnancy in order to make these conversations as comfortable as possible.

    Continue to dream with your teen!

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