About the DREAM Project

  • About the Dream Project

    The DREAM Project, which stands for Dare to Reach your Expectations and More, was created by the Haverstraw Collaborative in conjunction with Haverstraw teens. The Haverstraw Collaborative, whose mission is to: "unite our efforts and resources for the health, safety, and well-being of the children, youth, elders, adults and families of Haverstraw, and to raise the quality of life of all people in our diverse community”, pursued an action plan in order to combat the high rates of teen pregnancy in Haverstraw.

    The DREAM Project website and social media pages’ main goal is to provide teens with all the information and resources to help them reach for their highest dreams, pursuing something broader than just preventing teen pregnancy. The information provided covers a variety of subjects and reputable resources to help you or teens in your life succeed from start to finish. The topics range from teen pregnancy, to making healthy food choices, to navigating high school and choosing a career, to how to get through bumps in the road. Check out all our topics, resources, and social media to stay connected and learn about what is available to help you achieve all your goals, expectations, and more!

    For more: check out our For Parents section.