Losing Weight The Healthy Way

  • Do you want to lose weight? Do you need to for health reasons? In either case, it is essential to do it in a healthy way! Read up on tips how to lose weight in a responsible and safe way for your body. Remember that losing weight is not just about eating less- it is also important to worry about what you are eating and whole lifestyle changes such as getting enough sleep, eating breakfast, and exercising. Fad diets or “cleanses” often don’t work and any weight loss from those type of short-term plans will not be maintained. Speak to your doctor about your concerns and plans and he or she can tell you if it is right for you.

    The Rockland County Department of Health offers the Lose To Win Weight Loss Program through Nyack Hospital to help you lose weight in a healthy and effective way! 

    $10 for eight 90 minute sessions! Register at the above link or call (845) 348-2004

    If you are feeling like you are becoming too obsessive over your weight loss, consider looking at our Eating Disorders section and seeking professional help.